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(last updated:12/14/18 ) Thanks for visiting my site. In addition to converting lenses, I also sell and trade photo equipment. I have mostly Nikon items but there are a few other categories, as well. I plan to put all my inventory on eBay eventually. You can go to eBay to see if I have anything for sale there. Even if I don't, you can check the feedback I have received from past deals.

Here is a link to my For Sale list dated December 2018. It is a .pdf file.

Note: Definitions for condition, shipping information and my address are at the bottom of the page.

Please click on the eBay logo below to see what I have for auction.

My items on

Even if I don't have any current auctions, you can check out the feedback I have received in previous deals.

I can accept credit card payments using PayPal.

payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and 

recmov.gif (5377 bytes)  Old 45rpm records for my jukebox. I am primarily looking for common ones. Pop, rock, country, r&b, etc. The older the better although my collection of recent country tunes is lacking. I will take records in trade for conversions or equipment. I am not too interested in collector quality so am used to getting several for a dollar and they play just fine (at least to my aging ears).

Codes for condition, shipping information and my address:

I am mostly interested in selling the items above but will consider trades for current Nikon equipment.

Code for cosmetic condition (all mechanical and optical aspects are fine unless noted):

Mint = can’t be told from new. Complete with any box, accessories and paperwork
LN (like new) = close to mint condition. May not have original packaging and accessories
EX (excellent) = shows some signs of use but little wear
VG (very good) = shows some wear
Good = shows significant wear
IB = Instruction Book
IC = Nikon Integrated Coating
AF = Autofocus

Typically, shipping by ground UPS or US Mail in the 48 states is $5 or less but heavy or large items will be more. Other destinations and modes are possible but please contact me first. I will also ship smaller items (cameras, lenses and accessories) to overseas buyers. For an estimate of international shipping costs by US Mail, check out http://ircalc.usps.gov/.

Here's how to order:
1. Call me or send an email to tell me what you want or to discuss the item(s).
2. Once we agree on the deal, I'll set aside the item(s) for five days.
3. Use PayPal or mail your payment to me.
4. Once I receive it, I'll send out the package no later than the next business day.
5. When you get the item(s), you get a three-day return privilege followed by a ten day money back guarantee.


John White
1350 Folkstone Ct.
Ann Arbor MI 48105
(734) 662-1734

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